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A Bit About Me:

Hey, I am Mark who has been fortunate enough to animate on multiple awesome games over my 12 years of industry experience. I am currently a Principle Animator at Rebellion Games and love it everyday!


Work Experience:

Principal Animator

Jan 2024 - Present

Working on  an unannounced project on gameplay animations / features.

Principal / Lead Animator
Frontier Developments

May 2022 - Jan 2024

Leading a team of animators on the F1 Manager franchise. Daily chats with my team and the wider team solving any tasks that come up in the dev cycle. Planning motion capture shoots and creating shot lists / gathering assets and props needed. Creating full animation scenes within Motionbuilder / Maya to pass out to the team. Cleaning motion capture data and exporting / setting up sequences in Unreal. Reviewing candidates C.V’s and interviewing potential hires.

Lead Animator

Oct 2021 - May 2022

Leading a small team of animators and riggers on Ghostbusters VR. I work with design and different teams to create animation tasks and schedules needed for each sprint. Keyframe animating many different creatures and humans. Creating character pipelines to help have a standardised workflow. Created a mocap workflow to work with the current project and constraints for performance etc.

Lead Animator
Super Spline Studios

Nov 2020 - Oct 2021

Leading a team of in-house animators and freelance animators. Creating animation trackers and time estimates / collecting all assets needed from the client / giving feedback / exporting - implementing into engine and keeping a high consistent quality for the client. Also animating on the project alongside the team and been the point of contact with the client.

Senior Cinematic Animator
Slightly Mad Studios

Feb 2018 - Oct 2020

I am part of a very small animation team cleaning motion capture data and hand keying animations where needed in the Cinematic Cut-scenes. Managing Outsourcers work and giving feedback / reviewing Animations / Rigs etc. Helped with Animation direction on two motion capture shoots.

Foundry 42 Ltd
Sep 2016 - Feb 2018

I was part of a large animation team cleaning motion capture data for facial/body animations for both in-game and Cinematic's on the upcoming P.C. title Star Citizen. I export and get all the animations to loop and work within the Cry Engine. Also adding key frame animations where needed for continuity etc.

Playground Games
Feb 2016 - Aug 2016

I was a part of an AAA character team as an animator, creating a high amount of polished key frame character/animal animations. I cleaned up motion capture data for the cut scenes within the game and add key frame shots for continuity wherever they are needed and make animations loop etc. We export/test and set all our animations up in the in house games engine.

In-Game Animator
TT Games Ltd
Jan 2015 - Feb 2016

I was involved in a AAA in-game animation team creating a high amount of polished keyframe character animations, the main goal is bringing the character out in each animation I create. I add my own ideas based on the character bio's and then export/test and set them up in the in house games engines.

Facial Animator
Cubic Motion
Dec 2013 - Dec 2014

I was Involved in a large team of very talented people creating very detailed facial animations for AAA Computer Games, we get daily feedback from my lead animators and producers to get everything perfect for the client.

Character Animator
Serious Parody
Dec 2012 - Dec 2013

I was involved in a team of animators creating a large quantity of cycled animations for a new wrestling game to be sold on the PlayStation 3 network. I worked closely with the lead animator daily taking direction on creating a large spreadsheet of wrestling moves required for the different characters in the game. Our schedule requires 1-2 animation’s to be complete per working day.

Character Animator 

July 2012 - Dec 2012

I worked on a TV pilot episode called “The New Kind” animating 3-D Mechanical suited actor’s mixed with live action footage. I was working under a Lead animator in a large team. I created acting beats based on the producer’s direction and daily feedback helped animate in a realistic and believable manner to fit the characters personality.

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